Up to 40,000 feet available in 3 pieces

This flex space has 3 different spaces that are contiguous and give the lessor options to arrange their warehouse to their needs. Our spaces include warehouse lighting, overhead wet sprinkler systems, heat, and on site security. We do not hide hidden fees in paper work or double talk you into renting a space that will not be a good fit for us or you. All of your costs are known up front and the agreed rent price is all you will pay. Space #1 and #2 rent for $2.10 a square foot per year and space #3 rents at $1.10 a square foot a year. Renting space #3 without #2 is not possible because of logistics issues with the layout. Space #3 is a mezzanine floor and only reachable through space #2. Space #1 can be rented as a standalone space. These areas have access to a shared truck dock area with 5 common docks and also the availability for ground level loading and unloading. The maximum height clearance for in and out would be 8’x8’ the same as a truck trailer.

Space #1 is an 11,000 sq secure space.


Space #2 is 4000 square feet of open floor plan used as a staging point for space #3 or overflow for area #1. The loading/unloading platform for area #3 is in this space.


Area #3 is a 25,000 sq secured open warehouse/storage type of loft.


12,000 Square foot Outside Storage Barn

Approximately 12,000 feet of drive in timber style barn. The barn has a side door that is approximately 15 ft high by 10 ft wide and a front door that is approximately 8’ high by 10’ wide and is truck height for loading and unloading. There is no heat in this structure and no way to provide heat. Lighting is included. Barn rents for 1000.00 a month on a 12 month lease.

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2014-09-03 11.50.37.jpg
2014-09-03 11.51.36.jpg