Ohmat Enterprises is  pleased to announce that we are now offering a full line of warehouse services.

2014 was a great year for us. Thank you to all of our tenants for helping us to fill 90% of our lease able  spaces. Just like your house we have attics and basements that are not the most convenient places to get to. While we cannot lease these spaces for manufacturing or storage we can use them to help your business grow. 

We are pleased to announce the addition of "warehouse for you" and "pick and ship" options for our facility. 

"Warehouse for You" allows you to have your inventory dropped off to one of our 21 truck docks via your truck or carrier and then we tuck it away somewhere safe in our facility until such a time that you want it back. The beauty of this service is no long term leases and you know your per skid price per month up front. Possibly you have sea land containers coming in but you do not have the room or the time to warehouse them we can help. Perhaps you need warehouse space in the Ohio area to service one of your customers but your company is in California, we can help. Maybe your client rejected the 12 containers that came into the port of Cleveland and its not economical to ship them to your facility 1000 miles away until they are resold, again we can help. We have around 50,000 feet of "Atic" warehouse space that we would like to put your inventory in until you want it back.


"Pick and Ship" is our newest addition to the service lineup. This service enables you to have your inventory shipped to us, warehoused, then shipped back out to your customers by the carton, skid , or container. We use your shipper of choice and its never a problem for UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, or LTL carriers to pickup at our facility. Spend your time selling your products not shipping them. With pick and ship you always can calculate your warehouse and shipping costs up front. We store your inventory in our secure area until its time to ship it. We can even keep track of your inventory that is on site to take the guess work out of your shipping operation.

If either of these options is of interest to you or if you would like a quote please feel free to call Jay Ruedlinger (330) 212-2620 or (330) 335-1531 ext 25